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Introductory Course On Avr Microcontrollers

Hello Every!!

A micro controller is one of the most advanced topics in the field of electronics.

I (M Dinesh Kumar) would like to organize a intensive tutorial on the AVR micro controllers.

The modules in the course are:

1.) Basics of C language.

2.) About the controller.

3.) Programming.

4.) DTMF.

5.) Wireless communication using RF.

6.) Stepper motors.

7.) IR sensors.

8.) Touch screen.

9.) LCD.

10.) shos motors and their control using H- Bridge.

11.) Building of Robots.

12.) Soldering.

13.) PCB Designing.

After the course, every batch would be given with a 40 pin Microcontroller (ATMEGA16) and a USB Programmer (for all AVR microcontrollers).

This course fee is 2500/- per head or 4000/- per batch and a maximum of 3 members per batch.

Dead Cheaper compared to ANY others offering all the modules mentioned above.

Any one interested, please mail to [email protected] or call on the number mentioned.

M. Dinesh Kumar

Ph: 9618909745

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