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Music Review:dum Maro Dum

This Review Contains Contents From

Dum Maro Dum

Music DirectorTonguerittam

Lyrics:Jaideep Sahni

PB Music Rating:*** 1/2

Dum Maro Dum

Singer: Anushka Manchanda[/b

"Aaj Aankh Sek Raha Hai Kal Haath Sekega" Jaideep Sahni at his sattires. The opening track gets full marks from me.

The song is hip,music is techno(!),sound design is great.The song is definitely better than Munni Or Sheela Or Raziya.

Heavy Guitars And Techno Bass are complete fun.peppy lyrics too!Prittam is full on after dull Thank You.

[b]Jiyein Kaun

Singer: Papon

Singer sings like James of Alvida fame.

Lyrics suits the theme of the song.

The soft ballad in the start gets a rock song by the end.I wonder where ths songs gonna fit in the movie.But again prittam is good.

Jaana Hai

Singer: Zubeen Garg

From this point prittam is ordinary.

Zubeen Garg looks a bad choice for the song.

Lyrics are great, singing is okay,tune is great,music is okay.

Guitars around 1:25 seems repeating.The album needs a new start from here.


Te Amo(3 Versions)

Singer:Ash King(Male Version),Mohit Chauhan(Reprise),Sunidhi Chauhan(Female Version)

I dont understand why prittam chose to loop this song thrice.

The tune is ordinary.There are few glimmers in female version but reprise and male version seems wasted.

Ash King is such an ace singer but completely wasted here.Sigh!

hayn Thayn

Singers: Abhishek Bacchan,Earl, Ayush Phukan

Complete Blast!Abhishek is simply great here.

The lalala tune at 1:18 is just mind blowing.

The techno bass surpasses ordinary music of the rest of the song.Lyrics are bang on.I repeat Bang On!

"Aap Ki Sewa Main Jan Heet Main Jaari" completely unexpected! The next Gangsta song for the sure!

So overall Prittam manages to survive from disasters.

The songs like "Dum Maro Dum" and "Thayn Thayn" are exceptional.

"Jiyein Kaun" is good."Jaana Hai" is okay.

"Te Amo" versions are bad.So looks that prittam is good with Techno feel of the album.

But lacks on softer side.Anyways a delight!

Rating: ***1/2

Manzilein Dhoondh Legi Tujhe,Is Dafa Mana Mat Karna,

Mere Aashiyane Main Aana Zaroor,Magar Joote Bahar Rakhna...

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