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Posting problems in Online Help section

[color="Red"]Posting problems in Online Help section -[/color]

If they are general queries please provide the required information we may ask you.

If it is some technical information problems of various computer hardware and software and overall prformnce or any online supports and stuff especially any thing related to computers.

If user needs some help here, and some answers appear after his/her demand, it would be preferred to REPLY on those answers and offered solutions, not just to leave the rest of our members trying to find solution on and on and not to reply for ages or worse - never.

To ask for a solution includes not just "plz hlp evyone me cant wrk on my pc" and similar, but to set a problem intelligently .

Try to include this information if you are asking any help regarding your computer problems

- [color="RoyalBlue"]Current Operating System[/color] (Windows / Mac / Ubuntu / Fedora or so ...);

- [color="RoyalBlue"]Processor type and its details[/color]( AMD Athlon 64 Dual X2 AM2 4000 + / Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 or so ...);

- [color="RoyalBlue"]System device on which problem appears to[/color] (network / PCI unit (audio/video) / HDD or DVD unit / games / applications or so...)

- [color="RoyalBlue"]pre-initiated steps[/color] in order to resolve the problem (installed updates, offline help, web-search like Google/Yahoo/Ask/some other forums...)

- [color="RoyalBlue"]PC/OS/application behavior[/color] before and after appearing of the problem

[color="RoyalBlue"][color="Red"] ----[/color] To reply on post means to give asked additional infos of the problem

[color="Red"] ----[/color] Thanking would be nice way to express gratitude for solved problem.

[color="Red"] ---- [/color]And finally, when right solution appears, user should press "report" button and in

appearing window to type "problem resolved, please, close this thread" and to submit.

And do remember to ask only one help at a time.

[color="#ff0000"]Please wait until some one replies or try to understand why no one is replying there (lack of proper data perhaps.)

We are not paid for solving your problems so please try to be as smooth as possible in replying.


[/color]Administrators / Moderators will [color="#000000"]monitor[/color] and close topics they feel have been answered or have "timed out".

Have the topic closed and moved to the archives, by using the report-button. (Clean up behind you; no housekeeper here!)

Please provide us with as much information regarding the problem.

Remember it is not advicable to hide info or to explain unclearly to a doctor.

Posted exclusively dedicated to Narayan bhai our best helper

never make him angry by breaking any rule from the above.


[url=""]Team Sho.[/url]


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