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Subject Exemption Help

Hello a 2013 passout of B.Tech CSE[R07 Regulation] from a JNTUK afflicated college.I successfully completed all my Subjects,EXCEPT..,M1 from 1 year..i wrote that exam all these years and i finally realized that i cant complete it  Confusedad:  so im planning to leave that Subject


M1 has 6 Credits


if i leave that subject,2 credits i have to leave Seminar


Seminar has 2 credits


total 8 credits


But some people are frightening me by saying  that i cant leave M1 as it is a 6 credits subject and i MUST complete it  inorder to get Certificate... Confusedad: :ohmy:


What is right and what is wrong????can we really leave M1 along with Seminar to get B.Tech cerificate or we MUST complete M1???


Please Reply me About this ASAP


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